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Bump Wellness Workshop

Navigating pregnancy in New York City can be stressful but it can be a memorable and empowering time in your life. Gather a team of experienced professionals in the field that will support you throughout your pregnancy and birth, ask questions and educate yourself.
When you feel prepared and surrounded by a supportive community, fear naturally decreases and confidence inevitably increases. 
In the Bump Wellness Workshop you will get plenty of resources and you will clarify what do you really want as a pregnant woman PLUS you'll meet other moms to be! 
Week 1: Get down to basics: get the resources you need and create your birth team and clarify your birth plan.
Week 2: Pelvic Floor - learn the secrets how to maintain a healthy pelvic floor during pregnancy and after birth
Week 3: Work after Baby - planning on taking maternity leave? stay home? dissecting our choices, troubleshooting, and planning ahead for a supported and fulfilling first few months
Week 4: Jumping in - Navigating the world as a new mom can be overmelieng - prepare yourself to this huge adjustment wisely and carefully . 

***Registration is on a first come, first served basis, SPACE IS LIMITED. RSVP HERE

Address: 303 Fifth Ave Suite 1714


Earlier Event: November 21
Later Event: November 28