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Birth Partner 101

  • Now Yoga 61 4th avenue, 3rd floor new york, new york 10003 (map)

Having a confident and reliable partner is essential in any relationship. Especially during transformational times as pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Through discussion and practice we will cover: 

✅Practical hands-on techniques and pressure points that comfort a pregnant and a birthing woman.
✅Breathing techniques that reduce anxiety and fear. 
✅Excellent sleeping positions to stay well-rested during pregnancy and postpartum. 
✅Simple and effective body-mind techniques for self-care as birth partner
✅How/why the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
✅Laboring positions to ease pain.
✅Communication skills with each other 
✅Keys to a healthy "fourth trimester" and beyond!

*This workshop is open to pregnant women at ANY stage of pregnancy and their birth partner. No background in yoga or movement is required.
*This workshop is a great complement to Childbirth Education classes. - we cover all the topics that are not being covered there! 
* This workshop is excellent whether you are having a medicated or unmedicated birth, whether you have a doula or not.

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“I had practiced prenatal yoga with Shahar for months before doing the partner workshop so I was thrilled to have my husband simply be in her presence! She is an abundance of knowledge and has such passion for her work that it is palpable. 
She worked with my husband and I so intimately that when the session was over, I felt 100% understood. I felt ready and prepared and confident in myself and my partner. 
She spent her time unraveling the intricacies of a pregnant woman’s anatomy and gave my husband the tools to easily identify and focus on parts of my body, sounds, and positions that would benefit me in a spiritual, physical and emotional way. 
When the special day arrived my husband and I actually did most everything Shahar taught us. I attribute my amazing labor experience with Shahars classes and workshop. I promise you it will be the best investment you’ll ever make.” -Yezenia


“My husband and I really enjoyed Shahar’s Birth Partner 101 class. I take her prenatal yoga class regularly so when I learned about this class I knew I had to sign up. It was so nice to for us to take a hands-on, interactive, informative and really fun(!) class together as we get ready to meet our babe. Since this is our first child, labor and delivery is a bit scary to us both, and it was comforting to talk about how to support one another, and for my husband to learn what he do can do to best support me during the rest of pregnancy, labor/delivery and post-partum period.  There were so many useful techniques and tips that we never would have known about, and it’s great that we can start using them now. We’ve been mimicking the sleep position we learned in class nightly! 
I couldn’t recommend this class more as a safe space to address the discomforts and fears of pregnancy and birth.  There were only 3 other couples in the class including us so we all got the personal attention we needed which is so important as every woman is different in what works and feels right for her.  
As soon as we left the class and I asked my husband what he thought he said ‘I now understand why you love Shahar’s yoga class. She’s really great and I’m excited to have a better understand of how I can best support you physically and emotionally throughout the rest of this journey.’” -Abby & Bryan 


“Shahar has been my prenatal yoga teacher since I was 2 months pregnant, and her class has totally saved my life. She creates such a beautiful and intimate space where you can connect with yourself and others, and at the same time learn so much about what is going on with your body and what you can do to feel better at each step of the way. It is so empowering to understand what you are experiencing -- and knowing how to deal with it!
Shahar’s Birth Partner 101 workshop at the Motherhood Center has the same great energy as her yoga classes: it is very hands-on, fun and SO useful. You will connect with your partner, laugh a lot, and learn about so many different postures and tricks for your partner to support you before, during and after labour (including sleeping positions, stretching, etc.). I was so relaxed after the workshop like I had not been in a long time! As she always does in her yoga classes, Shahar takes care of each couple, explains you the why of everything through anatomy and other disciplines, and goes out of her way to make sure you get the most out of the class and leave with any specific concerns or questions addressed. Since we took the workshop my husband and I use some of the postures and exercises we learned with Shahar on a daily basis.” -Irene


“It was super fun, and it helped me understand what my wife will need from me -- including during the last months of pregnancy, as things start to get a bit harder every day. The class also gave us the opportunity to think together about our expectations for the birth, to open up about our fears, and to get mentally prepared for what’s coming. You can’t miss it!” -Daniel

Later Event: June 15
Birth Partner 101