Individual PsychoTherapy

Psychotherapy is a process to create transformative change. Shahar's approach begins by believing that you hold the answers and her expertise is to help you connect to your truth and support your growth. In a safe, non-judgmental environment you will explore themes, connections and associations in your life, to help you gain insight into your interpersonal, behavioral and emotional roadblocks. Together, with care and respect, you will slow down, unpack who you are and how you function in the world and then build insight into how to achieve your desires. Sessions are 45 minutes long, covered by most insurance companies at Shahar's office in midtown Manhattan, TrueThriver or online. To schedule a free first consultation click HERE


Private Holistic Yoga sessions can be located in the comfort of a client's home, at a studio or online. These sessions are are Shahar's original innovation: a perfect blend of movement, therapy and coaching. We will connect the dots between deep thinking, feeling and action patterns, using your physical cues/tension points in pursuit of transformation. The sessions are also designed to deepen your yoga practice by increasing the strength and flexibility that you would like to achieve at your own space and time. You will get full attention with a focus on developing a simple routine for a home practice that can be tweaked seamlessly throughout the week. The 1 hr sessions can be purchased as single or a bundle of 4 sessions. Please contact Shahar HERE to schedule an appointment and for any inquiries. 

"I had the honor of working with Shahar as an instructor for both prenatal and postnatal yoga for my second pregnancy. 
Shahar is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor with a deep understanding of the female body and the changes it goes through during and after pregnancy. I was able to take private sessions with her after my baby was born. She works one on one to provide personalized focal points for healing and strengthening. Interestingly enough, she is also a therapist as well as a mother of two and provides great insight concerning the challenges and emotions of being a mother. She provides a gateway for a continued practice outside of the studio and with my children! And she is also a wonderful community resource."

                                                    - Ayla Christman, client


****Schedules do change and I always try to be accommodating, but for cancellations made with 24 hours or less notice, I do charge 100% of the agreed upon booking****