“Shahar is an extraordinary woman and one of the most powerful teachers I’ve ever come across. I took her prenatal yoga class at Kula in Williamsburg for most of the third trimester with my second child. Her prenatal class is pitch perfect - time to share how you’re feeling and enjoy community with other pregnant women, which I found so comforting, and dynamic yet relaxing yoga sequences focused on exactly what your body needs as you grow through your pregnancy. Shahar has a grounding, intelligent and very loving way about her, which permeates her class and creates a supportive and engaged atmosphere.
But where I really got to know Shahar was when my husband and I had her come to our house for a private birth partner class. We wanted to tune up our approach to childbirth for the second baby, especially because the birth of our first had been induced. I wanted to avoid that with the next birth if possible and wanted to experience going in to labor naturally. I was doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on how to encourage and move through a childbirth without medication. Shahar came to our house and listened to our hopes for the second birth, and she jumped right in. She is immediately warm and familiar; she put both my husband and me at ease right away and made us feel as if we’d known her forever. She is practical and hands on - she took us through moves he could do to support me in labor and ways for me to ask for some of the support I might need. She also covers the essential physiognomy of labor - nothing superfluous, just the applicable basics that help you think about what’s happening to your body and the ways in which the body and the mind/emotions respond to the demands of labor and delivery.
Her approach is solid, reasonable and very much rooted in the actual experience of having a baby - nothing too out there, nothing silly. But there is a lot of love and a lot of appreciation for the wonder of childbirth in Shahar’s teachings; working with her is a beautiful blending of pragmatism and magic. Her background as a psychotherapist combined with her movement and yoga expertise makes her a formidable force as a teacher. The grounding I received working with Shahar both in class and at home helped me enormously — not just in how to breathe and how to move through the physical experience of labor, but also simply with the confidence and the deep faith that I could not just “get through it” but surrender to and accept what was happening to my body, not fight it. Not that any of it was easy, but the work with Shahar made the experience more empowered and, ultimately, positive. She’s a gifted communicator and a delight of a person. I’m so glad I found her and can’t say enough about her exquisite loveliness. I’m taking her postnatal project class now and am so grateful for her continued guidance and friendship!” Caitlin M

“I can not recommend Shahar enough. I have been taking her pre-natal yoga classes early on in my pregnancy. I also took her Birth Partner 101 class with my partner and it was so helpful! My partner and I learned valuable positions for comfort in which we both could participate in and my partner could feel he was useful and supporting me. All of those tips and everything we learned was SO helpful when it came to the birth which lasted an epic 30 hours. Shahar is warm, loving and makes you feel as though you’ve been friends for years. She helps make everything scary feel very normal and validates the way you feel every step of your pregnancy so you are consistently supported. Shahar has been such a part of my pregnancy journey I wouldn’t have had it any other way, she really made me feel informed and prepared for labor. I highly recommend Shahar and all her services, she’s been my pregnancy angel! ” Suzanne S.

“Attending Shahar’s prenatal yoga classes has become a ritual of mine since becoming pregnant. I am learning amazing breathing techniques to help my mind and body prepare for birth and enjoy the communal elements to her class. Not wanting my partner to miss out on the experience, we both recently attended her Birth 101 class. We both walked away from the class feeling more confident in what’s to come and supportive of one another during this amazing time of being pregnant.” Monica H.

"Expecting moms and moms after birth: I would like to recommend an amazing gift for your body and soul. Shahar Lion is an holistic therapist, who changed everything I thought I knew about Prenatal Yoga. I have no words to describe Shahar's professionalism and sensitivity. Her classes are conducted in a super intimate atmosphere and according to the requests of the participants and the specific vibe in the studio at any given moment. Even after birth, I continue to attend classes and the group she provides for mothers after childbirth.
In addition to the classes, Shahar teaches various workshops, one of which I was privileged to attend: Birth partner 101 is a one-time encounter for "preparation for birth" (and actually for life itself). The workshop is suitable for every stage of pregnancy and offers postures and communication methods for coping with pain and difficulties during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Some of the things me and my partner learned in the workshop saved us in difficult moments (even though it was a second birth) and regardless, it was an amazing experience for us. Highly recommend." Noa Shuv

“As my second pregnancy journey comes to an end, I have to express my undying gratitude to my prenatal yoga instructor Shahar Lion! Truly this has been one of the best investments I could have ever made on myself and my baby. Shahar provided a path for mental, physical and spiritual readiness. She has not only helped to prep my body but has also given me a key into my mind and spirit, so that no matter where I am or whatever is thrown in my direction...I am safe. I am home. “ -Yezenia

"I had the honor of working with Shahar as an instructor for both prenatal and postnatal yoga for my second pregnancy. Shahar is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor with a deep understanding of the female body and the changes it goes through during and after pregnancy. I was able to take private sessions with her after my baby was born. She works one on one to provide personalized focal points for healing and strengthening. Interestingly enough, she is also a therapist as well as a mother of two and provides great insight concerning the challenges and emotions of being a mother. She provides a gateway for a continued practice outside of the studio and with my children! And she is also a wonderful community resource." - Ayla Christman

"I looked forward to that time each week to connect. For myself, with my babe, and with other moms. Shahar creates a beautiful environment for this. She also catered each class to the needs of the mother's in the room - as week by week our individual needs changed." - Meredith Haberfeld

"It’s as if you blended my yoga class with my weekly therapy and then threw in a little science and life coaching, and I’ve never felt better! " Belle Savransky,

“Shahar has been my prenatal yoga teacher since I was 2 months pregnant, and her class has totally saved my life. She creates such a beautiful and intimate space where you can connect with yourself and others, and at the same time learn so much about what is going on with your body and what you can do to feel better at each step of the way. It is so empowering to understand what you are experiencing -- and knowing how to deal with it!

Shahar’s Birth Partner 101 workshop has the same great energy as her yoga classes: it is very hands-on, fun and SO useful. You will connect with your partner, laugh a lot, and learn about so many different postures and tricks for your partner to support you before, during and after labour (including sleeping positions, stretching, etc.). I was so relaxed after the workshop like I had not been in a long time! As she always does in her yoga classes, Shahar takes care of each couple, explains you the why of everything through anatomy and other disciplines, and goes out of her way to make sure you get the most out of the class and leave with any specific concerns or questions addressed. Since we took the workshop my husband and I use some of the postures and exercises we learned with Shahar on a daily basis.” - Irene

“It was super fun, and it helped me understand what my wife will need from me -- including during the last months of pregnancy, as things start to get a bit harder every day. The class also gave us the opportunity to think together about our expectations for the birth, to open up about our fears, and to get mentally prepared for what’s coming.  You can’t miss it!” Daniel (partner)

“I had practiced prenatal yoga with Shahar for months before doing the partner workshop so I was thrilled to have my husband simply be in her presence! She is an abundance of knowledge and has such passion for her work that it is palpable. 
She worked with my husband and I so intimately that when the session was over, I felt 100% understood. I felt ready and prepared and confident in myself and my partner. 
She spent her time unraveling the intricacies of a pregnant woman’s anatomy and gave my husband the tools to easily identify and focus on parts of my body, sounds, and positions that would benefit me in a spiritual, physical and emotional way. 
When the special day arrived my husband and I actually did most everything Shahar taught us. I attribute my amazing labor experience with Shahars classes and workshop. I promise you it will be the best investment you’ll ever make.” -Yezenia & Issac

“I take Shahar’s prenatal yoga class regularly so when I learned about this workshop, I knew I had to sign up. It was so nice to for us to take a hands-on, interactive, informative and really fun(!) class together as we get ready to meet our babe. Since this is our first child, labor and delivery is a bit scary to us both, and it was comforting to talk about how to support one another, and for my husband to learn what he do can do to best support me during the rest of pregnancy, labor/delivery and post-partum period.  There were so many useful techniques and tips that we never would have known about, and it’s great that we can start using them now. We’ve been using the sleep position we learned in class nightly! 
I couldn’t recommend this class more as a safe space to address the discomforts and fears of pregnancy and birth. We all got the personal attention we needed which is so important as every woman is different in what works and feels right for her. 
As soon as we left the workshop, I asked my husband what he thought and he said ‘I now understand why you love Shahar’s yoga class. I’m excited to have a better understand of how I can best support you physically and emotionally throughout the rest of this journey.’” -Abby & Bryan

“My husband and I loved Shahar's Birth Partner 101 work shop. We have an 18th month old daughter and I'm pregnant with our second baby. The impulse is to think "ah, we got this!" but the work shop was a great opportunity for the two of us to connect and reset, and a reminder to slow down and give this pregnancy the same time and attention we were able to give our first. 5/5 stars!” Dawn

"The highlight of my week throughout my pregnancy is my Saturday morning prenatal yoga class with Shahar so I was thrilled when she told us she was hosting a Birthing Partners 101 course. The class was intimate and a great introductory class for my husband and me to start thinking about the upcoming birth of our baby. It was great for my husband in particular because it opened his eyes to simple ways he could support me physically and emotionally through the end of our pregnancy and during labor process, which I think is an area that many spouses and partners often lack confidence. Shahar encourages a wonderful energy and openness that was so inviting and safe for us to ask questions and share concerns. I couldn't recommend her class more." Stefanie & Matt 

“Happy Mother’s Day Shahar! I want you to know in this special day that what you do for us (expecting mothers) is so very special and for some of us- it stays with us for years. I remember so well, and retell the story often to friends, of the day I went to your class during my first pregnancy after my baby had fractured my rib. I had been in bed, feeling so low and once I was strong enough again I went to your class. You must have felt me from looking at me, and during deep relaxation you came to me with tissues and told me to let it all out. I broke down and you sat there and wiped my tears for a couple of minutes. It was the first time I had allowed myself to cry from a deep place in years, and I don’t think I would have allowed myself to do it had you not been by my side to catch my fall. It may have been a small passing gesture for you, but for me it meant the world. So thank you...” S.S

“Shahar has been my prenatal yoga instructor since I was about 2 months pregnant and I feel so grateful to have somehow stumbled into her class. The weekly sessions bring me peace, physically and mentally, as I progress through this journey. My partner and I also took her Birth Partner 101 course and found it to be a perfect combination of hands-on coaching and mental reflection about what was to come - it was helpful and practical for us both, and I highly recommend it.” Alex and Ben